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Al-Anon and Alateen Family Groups in Santa Barbara

Tell It Like It Is

11:00 am to Noon Saturday - Video / Teleconference Only

Literature Study Meeting

Fragrance-Free Zoom Reminder

In order to decrease visual distractions during our Zoom meeting, we ask you to please keep your attention on the person speaking. If you need to leave the screen or do any activity you wouldn't normally do in an in-person meeting, please stop your video. If you forget to do this, the host may turn off your video for you.

Directions on How to Join a Meeting

At the time of the meeting, you may click on the "Use this Button to Join the Meeting without a Passcode" button (below). You will be rerouted into the meeting room (nothing else you need to do). Using this link does not require a Passcode.

If you decide to call into the meeting, select one of the Dial-in Numbers and when prompted, enter the Meeting ID (both below).

Meeting Passcode

There is no Passcode for this meeting room.

Dial-in Numbers

(669) 900-9128
(346) 248-7799
(253) 215-8782
(301) 715-8592
(312) 626-6799
(646) 558-8656

Meeting ID

805 234 2000 # (this is not a phone number)

Meeting Readings

Meeting Format (PDF)

Technical Support Links

Helpful Suggestions for Video / Teleconferencing

Zoom Technical Support

St. Mark United Methodist Church
3942 La Colina Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

We ask that you come to the meeting without perfumes, colognes, aftershave or other added fragrances. The meeting is in in the lounge, by the front parking lot of the church.

  • St. Mark United Methodist Church is located at the blue pin (Google Blue Pin) on the map.
  • This meeting does not have wheelchair access.

WSO Group ID Number: 30639750