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Al-Anon and Alateen Family Groups in Santa Barbara

District 8 Announcements and News

The thirty (30), or so, Al-Anon and Alateen meetings (in both English and Spanish) in the Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez Valley areas make-up District 8. District 8 is part of Southern California World Service (SCWS) also know as Area 4.

Please read these notes during your meetings - do not read phone numbers. Please place a printed copy of these announcements where members can get the information after meeting.

News for November 2022

Institutions Service
Al-Anon informational meetings are being held on Mondays at 5 Bath. Contact John at (805) 705-1055 if you are interested in assisting with this service.

District 8 Spanish Web Site Thought Force Needed
Join Larry, Alejandra, Graciela, Estella and Scott in an engaging service opportunity. The goal is to create a Spanish version of the entire D8 web site. If you are interested please contact Alejandra (805) 252 -2213.

AMIAS Certification
Become involved in service with our local Alateens. Every Alateen group meeting requires two (2) adults that are AMIAS certified. Call or text Larry at 805-7705-8787 or email:

Santa Barbara Al-Anon Website
The Santa Barbara Al-Anon Website, is robust and amazing, containing local AFG meeting and workshop information, meeting asset pages, a link to Southern California WSO, and a link to The Loop Newsletter. Upcoming events are regularly posted. See above link or put 'Santa Barbara Al Anon' in your search engine and enjoy!

Monthly Speakers Meeting
Speakers Meeting is held on the second Saturday of every month at 7:00pm (please have meeting secretaries incorporate this into your script every week).

Open District Service Commitments

Beginner's Meeting Coordinator
Our current coordinator Mala will be ending her service position at the end of December 20222. Also the Beginner's Meeting needs a leader for the third Tuesday of the month. If you are interested inn the coordinator position or being of service for the third Tuesday, please contact Mala at (858) 774-24555.

Public Outreach Coordinator
Help to carry the message of hope through local media and to professionals within our community. Our current coordinator, Alejandra will be ending her service position as D8's Public Outreach Coordinator at the end of December 2022. Please contact Alejandra if you are interested or have any questions (see phone # above).

District Records Coordinator
This position requires gathering local meeting information, group positions and records, and updating the information for Southern California WSO. As ADR, Alejandra is temporarily filling this position until the end of December 2022. Position information and mentor-ship will be provided by So Cal Records volunteers. Call or text Larry at 805-705-8787 or email:

District Treasurer
Linda will be ending her term as our fabulous District 8 Treasurer at the end of December 2022. If anyone is interested in this three year service position, please contact Linda at

Group Representatives

Meeting hosts may be experiencing difficulties due to ZOOM's recent double authentication process. This is particularly evident for meeting hosts who are signing on from a different device not previously used for our Al Anon meetings. Please have your hosts test their sign-in process a couple of days before the meeting (be sure there is not another Santa Barbara Al Anon meeting currently in progress). If problems are encountered or zoom asks for a verification code, please contact Steve at (805) 617-0199 if your dial in meeting ends in 1000 or 2000. For meeting dial in ending in 3000 contact Mala at (858) 774-2455. They will be able to assist you with those codes.

Liability Insurance
Liability Insurance is now provided through SCWS. D8's Certificate of Insurance expired in October 2022. GRs are responsible to obtain their own Certificate through the SCWS process. Be prepared to provide the legal name, address & phone # of your meeting facility as well as your Al Anon meeting ID. Information and forms to acquire the Certificate of Insurance can be found here:

Meeting Updates
D8 is updating our meeting records for SCWS and WSO. Please check and verify on the D8 web site that your Meeting Name, Times, and Place -including what type of meeting: virtual, hybrid, or in-person are all correct. Please contact Alejandra (805 252 2213) with changes. Any and all changes to meetings -(ex. contact information for people to reach someone if they are new) please fill out online form on our website:

November 19 SCWS Assembly Meeting
All GRs are encouraged to attend. Global Electronic Meeting Areas will be a major discussion topic. GRs will be voting. Please contact Larry if you need an alternate GR to attend for the full or partial day. November 19, 9am-4pm ID: 872 3075 9502; passcode: 471948. GR's are encouraged to sign in early to verify that their Zoom renaming process for the Assembly meeting is correct. For more information and the meeting agenda:

Group Changes

Please Report Group and Meeting Changes!
(cancellation, move to in-person, virtual, or otherwise) please fill out on-line form on our website:

Website updates can take 7 to 14 days to implement, so please provide at least 7 to 14 day lead time on meeting change requests.