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Al-Anon and Alateen Family Groups in Santa Barbara

District 8 Announcements and News

The thirty (30), or so, Al-Anon and Alateen meetings (in both English and Spanish) in the Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez Valley areas make-up District 8. District 8 is part of Southern California World Service (SCWS) also know as Area 4.

"Take Back to Meeting" for May 2024

New Announcements:

  • The District would like to have a summer picnic event and is looking for volunteers to assist with planning. Please contact Alejandra if interested.

  • The District is putting on a Workshop on Saturday, September 7th on the topic of Relationships. The format will be hybrid. Save the date and look for more details soon!

  • The weekly Saturday Alateen meetings have resumed at the Church of Christ, 677 North Turnpike at 11am. Please contact Nancy P. for additional information.

  • The AA Founder's Event on June 8 is asking for Al-Anon members to volunteer as speakers and/or volunteers to help with Al-Anon literature. Event info: Please contact Alejandra if interested.

  • Marie needs one more leader for the Beginners Meeting via Zoom. This service commitment is one night per month, Tuesdays at 6:15pm. Choice of week is flexible.

  • Newcomer packets are available in both English and Spanish. Please contact Jeanne if your group needs to purchase these packets.

Ongoing Announcements

  • The District's Zoom coordinators remind all groups and group hosts that the District's zoom rooms are assets of the District and groups do not have the autonomy to make changes to the zoom settings, including passwords and pictures. Hosts are reminded to "Sign/Log Out" of the account after ending the zoom call. Logging out is done by going up the SB 1, 2 or 3 in upper right corner. This leaves the zoom room available and other hosts to log into their next meetings.

  • Beginning July 2024, the District's PO Box will no longer be available as a Current Mailing Address (CMA) for groups. Groups needing to change their CMA can decide whether the CMA should be the GR's personal mailing address, another group service member's personal address (i.e., Secretary), or secure a group PO Box at the group's expense. Please contact Alejandra if you have any questions.

  • If you are a member who holds a service position within the District and would like your personal phone number currently shown on the meeting directory changed to a Google phone number (to maintain anonymity), please contact Mala once you have made that change. If you would like a Google email instead of or in addition to a phone number, please contact Scott,

District Opportunities and Open District Service Positions:

  • Public Outreach Coordinator
    Help to carry the message of hope through local media and to professionals within our community. Please contact Alejandra if you are interested or have any questions.

  • Al-Anon Info Line Coordinator
    Debra M. has answered the info line calls for some time and would like to pass the service on to someone new.

  • Institutions Coordinator

  • District Website Coordinator
    The D8 Website Coordinator position will be available no later than January 2025. This position is responsible for updating pages on the District 8 Website, adding and removing pages as requested by trusted servants acting on behalf of the District. For a complete description of duties, please review the District Service Commitment Descriptions page. Please contact Scott N. at, if you feel called to this position or would like to discuss.

Al-Anon Events

Website Change Requests

Website updates can take 7 to 14 days to implement, so please provide at least 7 to 14 day lead time on meeting change requests.